Cheyenne Senior Portraits

We can not tell you how much we love being a Cheyenne photographer and shooting senior pics in our beautiful state. This lovely fall Cheyenne senior portrait session on Jenna’s family farm was everything you could want for Wyoming senior pictures. We love shooting senior portraits especially when your props are your horse and your dog. Your senior portrait session is all about you and who you are, what you love and a milestone in your life. You’re about to move out and go on your own way, your senior portrait session is just the beginning of a lot of new and exciting things in your life.

Cheyenne Senior Portraits with horse
Jenna’s senior portrait session with her beautiful horse, Bubbles. A perfect addition for a Wyoming cowgirl.

Jenna’s outfits were on point. She looked great and we were able to pose her sitting on the ground, riding her horse and her outfit choices represented her perfectly. 

Senior Portrait Outfit Tips

What should I wear to my senior portrait session?

Think of your senior portrait as your first professional headshot. Hey you can even use the photo as your LinkedIn profile pic for your freshman year in college when you start going to career fair!!! Think about it, you already have a great pic that will be pretty recent, use it and get the internship you have always wanted. 

Your senior portraits are about you and should represent how you are on a daily basis. You want to be able to look back at your yearbook and remember yourself as you were… with that being said, here are is some good advice for your outfit choices.

If you love to wear sweatpants everyday or basketball shorts, this is not the day to rock your comfy clothes. Keep in mind that grandma will have these framed on the fireplace and it will likely play on a slideshow at your wedding. Your senior session is your time to look your best while still being yourself. 

Ladies, short skirts and dresses and not appropriate for senior pictures, sorry! (Meaning we don’t want your butt hanging out the bottom.) There is no nice way to say that but it makes your photographers uncomfortable and likely won’t be approved for yearbook submission. Long midi dresses and reasonable length skirts look best. Bring jewelry to match, you can never bring enough accessories and we would love to help you pair outfits together. Layers and jean jackets go great with most outfit choices. Here is where you might get mad… shorts are a no no no. I don’t think anything more needs to be said about shorts except please use caution. Same with revealing tops. Be beautiful and be you at the same time with lovely outfit choices. 

Guys your outfit choices are no exception. Baggy pants and shorts, hell no. Please pull your pants up! No butt cracks. 

Lastly, your fingernails should look like they are about to prepare a meal for royalty. Clean under your nails, trim them up and if you have nail polish that is about to peel off, well get some paint and fix them or some polish remover and go to town.

How should I prepare my clothes for my senior pictures?

There is a little appliance called an iron, read the tag on the garment so stuff doesn’t melt, fill with water and start pressing away. Follow it up by hanging it on a hanger, don’t throw it in the back of your car. Your shoes should be cleaned, they don’t have to be brand new but they should look presentable. I am the queen of shopping at Goodwill so please don’t feel like you have to go out and buy something new, just look your best. Please make sure they match your outfit. Bring some extras to hike in just in case your 3″ heels don’t do well in the mud.   

What should I expect at my senior portrait session?

You can expect that its going to be awesome and you’re going to have a great time. It will be about an hour of smiling and candid posing. It won’t be as bad as you’re imaging, just don’t come on an empty stomach, it will be way more fun to do the photos if you’re well fed before hand. 

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