What to Wear For Your Engagement Session

What to Wear For Your Engagement Session

You’re engaged! Now that you have posted your ring shots on social media for the world to see, lets put the icing on the cake with some badass engagement photos to celebrate the special occasion. Not only are we going to document this special moment in your lives, we are going to shoot the most beautiful photo of your precious engagement ring. Here we are going to help you prepare for what to wear for your engagement session.

Planning out what to wear can either turn into a fun fashion show or a dreaded freak out session. This is why planning is so important and we love helping you pick out your engagement wardrobe. We highly recommend two outfits; one casual and one a little more fancy. Sequins dress, tulle skirt, whatever you have been dying to wear and needed an excuse to do so, now is the time. Your engagement session is a special occasion so dress accordingly plus these images will likely be on display at your wedding. Engagement photos make a beautiful guest book, everyone will be flipping though the pages to sign their well wishes for your happy life together while admiring your photos. Another place at the wedding reception where engagement session photos are on display is the slideshow usually played during dinner and the area where the gifts are placed so its a great idea to make sure what you’re wearing will go with the wedding decor.

‘I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say, “Oh my God! They look so comfortable!”

Christian Louboutin

Your footwear is also about making a statement. Don’t forget to wear nice shoes, we will be taking full body shots and you don’t want to have a nice dress on with tennis shoes. If you decide on a mountain location, we would suggest bringing  shoes to hike in but that you can change into something nicer when we get there. This is especially true for the guys. This has happened in the past and will likely happen again but hopefully we can avoid it, I am crossing my fingers, the guys will literally wear their shoes that they mow the lawn in. With everything going on and all the preparations, the guys shoes are usually the very thing that always is forgotten.

We highly recommend doing a hair and make up trial for your wedding day and the day of your engagement is the perfect time to give it a try! If you can get your make up done in the morning, then do engagement photos followed up with a nice dinner and a movie, you can make a really great day out of it. Plus you will be able to see how well your make up and hair holds up for the whole day.

Golden Colorado Engagement Session What to Wear

These two are just about as perfect as you can get. Engagement session in Golden, Colorado at the Golden History Park.

What to wear for your engagement session in Boulder.

Megan and Josh looked stunning in navy and gold for their shoot.

Denver Union Station Enagement

Oh so sweet engagement at Denver’s Union Station.

Bring accessories to your photoshoot.

Not only is picking the right outfits critical to loving your photos but so is bringing some great accessories to compliment your outfit choices.

We love wearing our glasses and if you’re like us you will want to wear them all the time. They have become a part of who you are but things can turn bad quickly if you do not have anti-reflective coating for the lens. When I update my prescription I always make sure to get the no glare lens. Jonathan will take lots of photos of me/us together and we never have a reflection on the glasses in the images. This is so important… Make sure your glasses are the kind that have the anti-reflective coating. We want to see your eyes in the photos not a reflection of ourselves in your lens.

If you need a reason to wear that glamorous necklace, your engagement session is the time. Matching hair accessories and earrings are a bonus. Treat yourself to getting your nails done to show off that sparkling engagement ring.

Props for your engagement session.

Your engagement session is all about the two of you so if hockey is your favorite sport to watch together bring out your Avalanche jerseys and hockey sticks. We have shot winter engagements at Evergreen Lake where the couple put on their hockey skates with all their gear for their photo shoot. The location was the perfect Colorado engagement spot because we got to have fun with them on the ice doing what they love most besides each other of course.

Chatfield Farms Engagement Photos

These two are twinning for sure at their engagement session at Chatfield Farms.

Holding custom signs up is very popular way to display your hashtag or the count down to your big day. The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to what your signs say. A side note about chalk signs… if you use chalk boards, use chalk pens. The chalk pens look so much better and its goes on easier. It goes on thick and smooth so it shoes up nicely in the photos.

Iceland Engagement Session

Shelby and Zach wanted travel theme for their engagement session because they are going to Iceland for their honeymoon.

Engagement session with your fur baby.

If you didn’t know that our chihuahua, Kuiper, is the love of our lives then you don’t know us yet. Make sure you know your photographers. Neither one of us could ever imagine taking a photo, engagement, wedding, whatever without our dog. If you feel the same about your fur babies, then please bring them to the photo shoot. Bringing your four legged friend to cozy up with you and your fiancé during the engagement session makes for some cute family portraits. Bring a sign that says, “My humans are getting married.” Don’t forget a cute leash with matching collar or even a bowtie to make your pup look chic. Treats and a squeak toy are not a bad idea either.

Engagement session with dog

Bring your pup to your engagement session for your first family portrait.

As your Denver Engagement Photographers.

Our job as your wedding photographers is to help you with everything about the photos for your big day including helping you with what to wear for your engagement session.

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